Elemental Sculptures

These  Elemental Scaulptures are some of the simplest form of art.  They reveal hidden orders that are inherent and coherent in nature.  The lines are orchestrated by the creative energy that have been studied recently and in ancient cultures. Quantum physic’s Zero Point Field,  David Bohm’s Super-implicit Order, Lao Tzu’s Tao and the Mayan’s Caculha Huracant all address the same issue of the composite of nature. With these sculptures I hope to present something eternal more than fashionable.

  • Wooden Sculpture Product Number  W001RB
  • Size – 90cm tall x 59cm wide
  • Shipping weight is 12 Kilos
  • Base is a 7″ disk of polished and varnished Bronze
  • All metal Parts are Bronze
  • The shade style is “Chino” incorporating Giclee #102
    • Price – email   david@bycarli.com

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Large  Wall Hangings   approx. size 120cm x 140cm
Medium Wall Hangings   approx. size 90cm x 110cm

Desk  Lamp   approx.  size 35cm up to 100cm
Table  Lamp  approx. size 100cm up to 180cm
Floor  Lamp   approx. size 180cm up to 250cm
XL Floor  Lamp   approx.  size 250cm up to 450cm

Elemental Sculptures