Heavy Metal Work

Metal is used in 3 or 4 parts of the lamp. It is used in the tubular stems, the shade structure, the head and sometimes as bases. We use 3 different metals. These metals are bronze copper and stainless steal. All have different properties and looks. I chose the metal that is harmonious with the lamp design.

G-YEU_1678.jpg Stainless steel is unlike bronze in many ways. It is a very hard metal and requires different tools for working. The polishing of stainless steal is very time consuming. The shiny finish works well with a Giclee containing large areas of white. Copper is a very soft metal. It is even softer than bronze. It is easily polished and easily scratched. So special care is needed in its handling.  Bronze is also very soft. It is also very expensive. Bronze however is very pleasant to look at and easy to work.

The 2″ diameter head holds the socket for the bulb. Sometimes it is purchased at the founder as a sold rod. It is a time consuming job. In the end we have our own design with substantial thick walls. The heads weigh a quarter pound. But this varies with the different metals used. Bronze stainless steal and aluminum are the recent materials we are working with.


The stem preparation is very interesting. We are treating them with flame for coloration and texture. Copper is sensitive to flame. It produces the most colors when exposed to heat. At times I will polish and varnish a stem in copper and afterwards apply a flame to burn the varnish. This gives the stem a dark coffee colored shine. I then varnish the stem another time. This finish is especially hard and can protect the stems from being easily scratched. Depending on the amount of heat applied, I can get a light rich bronze effect all the way to black ebony.

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