Producing our Fine Art Works includes a variety of different technical labors.

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yeu_4742Fine art work emerges from a mind set of intuition. It is flowing from a free form flow of tasks in motion. This state of mind comes and goes in its own time. But when it’s right, the cognitive follows along like a loyal puppy looking up waging its tale. When it’s flowing well the artist  is in constant motion going from one job to the next. He starts moving and watches what happens before him. There is so much energy he doesn’t  feel his body.


And when it’s all right
All spinning and light
I am the rock, the moon, the sea
I am the sun, the wind, the tree

The waves are up high
The moon is in clash
The wind is tormented
The sails all lashed

No trust is needed
No courage brought to bear
It’s all transformation
My breath is the air

I look straight ahead
With arms open wide
Yo! Storm, hurricane
Take me inside

Teach us who we are
With everything in me
I splash near and far
Death no longer the enemy

“In us, the earth
Lies heaven and hell
Via fear and love
We’ll know them both well!

Fine art production requires being free of anxiety and thinking. Staying free of negative feelings is the key to fine production. This is an acquired art. It requires a reprogramming of the unconscious mind, were thinking initiates. Discipline is needed to stay alert to an intention of passive observance of fine art creation. This nonjudgmental observance over time will create the silence needed to enter into the required productive intuitive state.


The pain of destruction,
All piled in a heap,
From above I see a movement,
Bellowing up, below my feet.

Overcome by joy rising up inside,
I mount the phoenix who beckons me to ride,
Nestled in his feathers all cozy and deep,
I breath in love and fly away in sleep.

The dazzling purity of a new day,
The darkness of pain far far away,
We soar straight up, right into the blue,
Breaking down borders between me and you.

Mounted on the phoenix going for a ride,
Love, health and joy, are once again on my side.


Producing our work includes a variety of different technical labors. On this page I have started the description. However the development of my techniques and the materials is a work in progress. It is never ending. In our production Blog you can keep up with recent developments.

Click on these links for demonstrations of our techniques