Photography | Modified

The silence between the whistles of birds,

The sparkles between the droplets of dew,

The calmness between the thoughts of mind,

The truths amongst the hews of flora,

These qualities eternal, we would be.

The best conditions in the surrounding forests, fields and fincas are at 6AM. At this hour, the upper edge of the sun’s orb has barely thrown it’s light. The birds cease their songs. The air is still, between the polarizing arms of the surrounding trees. At this moment everything is right. A silence enters and a long awaited peace comes. No thoughts haunt. Everything is light.


For me, photography comes in 2 acts, photographing and modification.


In artistic, nature photography intuition takes front stage, rather than technique.  Skill is required but technique must be abandoned to internal programming for the sake of originality and insight. Only once physical actions are taken over by habit of movement in technical skill, is the photographer free to shoot. Only in this context can photography connect him to his goal. Only in this context is skill worth acquiring.



“Walks in the fields of dawn places me in a deeper reality.”


The contagious smiles of simple dogs close to my side, point the way. Their abandonment to the moment somehow flows through and filters perception in passing. This infectious mood can be the conduit and connection to the surrounding field of perception. In this type of moment there comes a symmetry connected by soft strings of light holding everything in place. Appear bright colors, fine definition and a unity in animated form. It can only be described by the actual experience of being present. Peak Experiences , many have called it.


And then somehow you hear harmony in the sound of stillness between the whistles of birds. You see illuminated reflections of droplets, nestled between the stars. This comes after thinking has stopped on the long road back to home.


ACT II- Modifying Photographs.

Between 2:00 and 5:00AM is when the 30-inch computer screen looks back with its millions of color filled pixels. It’s an adventure to say the least with the light of day yet miles away. The hours of predawn are imbued with a silence. In this place, in this space anything is possible. It is devoid of self inflicted barriers.

xlcat-1Raw photographs some how are too plain. The out of focus backgrounds and secondary focal points can be hand paint with a mouse into abstraction.

Coaxing the colors into a richer texture with long flowing brush strokes create flow and movement. How we have been taught to perceive in our first 7 years of life is what we see. We end up with a relative illusion not absolute reality. Varying the picture can trick our minds into an experiential moment rather than a rerun of yesterday’s programing. If anything these works evoke catharsis. They evoke your “own relative feeling” accompanied by an emotion charge.


Modification of photographs is accomplished in three ways, color, line and content. Colors are rarely altered. Nature is almost perfect in its combinations. But adjusting tone, intensity and richness  is open for interpretation. We see how we were taught. To include more joy, there is much to relearn.

As a licensed artist, I modify the photo, attempting to see in a new way. To see the “outside” as part of us is a step toward awareness, expansion and improving Earth.

“Not only do you create the way you look at things,

you create the things you look at!”

- Lazaris

Knowing that our relative view of the “outside” is nothing more than an interpretation of how we feel inside is the key to a progressive new stage of human development. We do not look at much we cannot own or posses unto ourselves.  We think we need this to survive. But beauty can transcend these thoughts and leave us in a temporarily undefined space of the present moment. In the present there is no separation. Presence is an absence of thought, not awareness. It is the only place big enough to perceive the scope of consciousness.



Many times, to achieve an effect with impact, I will flip the transparency glued to the reverse of the canvas, over horizontally. Some images do not lend themselves to this effect. So it is only used in conjunction with the proper Giclee. When the lights are turned on in the dark, the wall hanging becomes symmetrical. This changes what you see dramatically. The image could change in a variety of ways. Sometimes it could look like the same flower, tree or animal but from another perspective. A flower could bloom into fireworks, a limb could become a spider drinking from a lake or bugs bunny could appear. “Oh My Gosh.” Many times the image changes into plain abstraction, allowing the observer to create his own version of what he experiences. We do this continually in our lives anyway, without being aware of it.

Physical beauty

calls for the abandonment to soul.

Divine Beauty

is the beast that will devour me whole.

By Carli


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Photo of the “Yellow Bug” shoot

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Bee in a Tree

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