Introduction to Illumination byCarli


Our artistic expressions come in the form of Wall Hangings and Lamps. The self-illumination comes from behind and filters through the Wall Hangings. This carries an impact of catharsis. Lamps typically understate, leaving room for a separate focus of artistic expression. In contrast, these lamps call for emotion. Refer to the PRODUCT web page to find out what is available.

These Giclée images will not fade noticeable in your lifetime.

These Giclee images will not fade noticeable in your lifetime.

This art is built around illuminated Giclees. The process used to spray the canvas is called Giclee (zhee-klay). The final artwork is not called a painting or a photograph. It is called a Giclee. The French word is a feminine noun that means a spray or a spurt of liquid. To be well informed on this medium in art refer to the Illuminated GICLEE web page. This page will also tell you more about the unique way we illuminate Giclees.

Original Photograph taken in early morning

Original Photograph -  early morning

The themes are based on reflections of nature. The creation of the image is divided into two phases or acts. First and foremost, is the taking of the photograph and secondly it’s modification. Artistic, nature photography is better discussed in terms of abandonment to intuition. It is more important than technique. Of coarse skill is required but it must be automated for the sake of originality and insight. Only once physical actions are taken over by habit of movement in technical skill, are you free to photograph properly. Only in this context can photography connect the artist to his goal. Refer to “perspective” in the  PHOTOGRAPHY web page.

Modified - CLICK to see DETAILS

Modified – CLICK to see DETAILS

Photo modification is a tool to fine-tune the expression of the artist’s personal interpretation of life. With a mini landscape in modified form, an artist can keep the flow of a magical world alive.The original photo is very important. Its quality is 95% of the final work. However raw photos can be plain. The detail of them is kept, but the out of focus backgrounds and secondary focal points are painted with a mouse.  This creates abstraction, coaxing the colors into a rich texture. Long flowing brush strokes create flow of movement and add grace. Modification is  well illustrated as ACT II in the PHOTOGRAPHY web page.


These works are individually hand crafted with the highest standards. The PRODUCTION web page contains a very graphic account of how these products are made. Ownership of this genera of art says you are not just plugged into the programmed grid of mass production and conformity. It will represents to you and others “how you perceive” the world in which we share.


We use archival inks and canvas. The images will not fade in your lifetime.


As an artist and as an individual we can be studied closer in the ABOUT US web page. We have a somewhat newer perspective. It is a perspective, mid-set or paradigm that is emerging in the cutting edge of philosophy, psychology, science and thought.  Attempting a pure transference of being, above and beyond words is my artistic license.


With heavy eyes of slumber and sleep
Nestled under the covers deep
We dream before we wake
A gentle breeze, our souls did take

Soaring up over the mountain and ocean
Sending our hearts and spirits in motion
Before our eyes with mixed emotion
All of our life in a single notion

Squeezing up to the rocks and the trees
Letting memories come and go as they please
Misting our eyes with laughter and tears
Trying to embrace the last few years

Drifting past the deserts and woods
Uniting at last the evils and goods
Knowing finally, what our mind could not touch
Thoughts and concepts can’t explain very much

Whistling amongst the branch and tree
Fogging the egos of you and me
Coming upon a calmness and joy
Realizing we’re just a simple girl and boy

At last condensing into a soft, spring rain
Leaving behind both logic and pain
Comprehending the fact, we are not we
Realizing instead we’re just two cozy drops
———————————-in a cool, clear Sea

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Large  Wall Hangings   approx. size 120cm x 140cm
Medium Wall Hangings   approx. size 90cm x 110cm

Desk  Lamp   approx.  size 35cm up to 100cm
Table  Lamp  approx. size 100cm up to 180cm
Floor  Lamp   approx. size 180cm up to 250cm
XL Floor  Lamp   approx.  size 250cm up to 450cm

Elemental Sculptures