Fly Away- detail of wing

Giclee #257

257n1This Giclee could be my favorite. I want you to see the detail in the brush strokes. This Giclee print in actual size is 6ft. tall so it is hard to see details when reduced to fit into this post. But click on the image to see a 1350 pixel wide detail..


Original Photograph taken in Las Angels, San Rafiel de Heredia, Costa Rica. on March 1st, 2009 at 8:22 in the morning.

257n-actual-size-100Click image to see 100% of actual size

257n-50Click image to see 50% of actual size

257n-33Click image to see 33% of actual size

257n-25Click image to see 25% of actual size

257n-125Click image to see 12.5% of actual size