Float Glass with Fresh Fern Inclusions


These are two ferns sandwiched between a 3/4″ 22X25cm section of float glass on the bottom and a few broken recycled pieces sealing the top. The descriptive adjective “float” is used because of its manufacturing proses. To make the flat float glass as smooth and flat as possible they pour the liquid hot glass onto melted tin. The tin and glass are then cooled down slowly together. A perfectly smooth surface is produced on both side, in this manner.


This photo is before the glass is fired It stays in the oven for two days. The cooling phase is the most delicate and time consuming.  This photo is of layers of 3/8″ window glass (float) with three layers of fern inclusions. The entire organic material in the ferns is carried away in the heat during firing. The only remains is faint, white impressions of ash. An etching effect is accomplished.


This is a finished FLOAT glass with very fine branches of weeds included. These plants are included only hours after picking them in the fields. Drying them first only destroys their shape.