About Artist

david-self-port-5“We are creators, continually reaching beyond what already exists and discovering the new, the unprecedented. To genuinely create something new requires that we learn the secret of receiving. Whether we are creating new art, new music, new scientific formulas, or new solutions to long standing social problems, creating puts us in touch with our higher nature, as subtle reality we can invite but not control. At the higher levels creating becomes an inherent satisfying, even necessary activity in and of itself, apart of what ever artifacts are produced.”

Christopher M. Bache


Words are symbolic and reductive. These symbols are joined to create mental constructs. We then confine ourselves inside these constructs. They are not actually “real” except for their confinement. These abstract thoughts can create illusion more than clarity. With my art I attempt a pure transference of being. Allow yourself to feel the freshness in life.

Let go……   All is well.

I have gone to the unprotected cliff.

Looking down I see the Ocean into which I am called.

It beckons me to the edge.

There the wind is crisp, the air fresh.

The uncertainty fills me with the energy of a gathering storm.

I am the empty space in which the wind plays.


When it’s all right
All spinning and light
I am the rock, the moon, and the sea
I am the sun, the wind, and the tree

The waves are up high
The moon is in clash
The wind is tormented
The sails all lashed

No trust is needed
No courage brought to bear
It’s all transformation
My breath is the air

I look straight ahead
With arms open wide
Yo! Storm, hurricane

Take me inside


Beauty is recognized inside the mind. It is in human minds were beauty abides. If you can see it.  I help to bring back the beauty of simplicity. I place nature into a context that is palpable. In our development forward we are slipping back into harmony with our true-nature. The parable of the prodigal son returning home has great significance for me. When he finally goes back, he is the same but yet different. He has gained the wisdom that he need not yearn. All is well, as is.


The morning in the studio starts soon after the stars. At 5:30AM the light is just coming up and it is a spring morning. There is a slight chill in the fresh air, here in the mountains. All has the feeling of a Christmas morning. We are flowing in creations of the Universe’s unlimited beauty. In my mind we live in the fields along with the dew, the mist, the grass, and the moth. I am hollow now. I have left my dry shell on the floor. I accept all that we have come from. I speak now of simple wild flowers.


The Grim Sweeper and her broom,
Tidying up her messy room,
Sweeping up dead bugs on the floor
Left by the dark night’s flight,
Leaving hollow shell and nothing more,
So very close to the Light.