Walking through the fields of dawn, can clearly lead to illumination.

Whilst thoughts through the fields of our minds, can lead to illusion, not clarity.

Photography | Modified

The silence between the whistles of birds,

The sparkles between the droplets of dew,

The calmness between the thoughts of mind,

The truths amongst the hews of flora,

These qualities eternal, we would be.

The best conditions in the surrounding forests, fields and fincas are at 6AM. At this hour, the upper edge of the sun’s orb has barely thrown it’s light. The birds cease their songs. The air is still, between the polarizing arms of the surrounding trees. At this moment everything is right. A silence enters and a long awaited peace comes. No thoughts haunt. Everything is light.

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Giclee Fine Art Prints

Giclee Fine Art Prints can be the final art work in itself or they can be part of the ansamble for a more complex illuminated work such as our lamps.  The word “Giclee” may have been derived from the French verb “gicler” meaning “to squirt”.

The Giclee’s soul is the Modified Photograph which is sprayed onto archival papers, using dye base or pigment based inks. The archival papers are acid free 100% cotton, all rag canvas. The inks were developed especially for this highly technical canvas paper.  There will be no noticeable fading in our lifetime. After the spraying, via, serigraphy, 2 coats of water resistant varnish are applied for extra durability.

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Illuminated Giclee Wall-Hangings set the mood for any room. They are a combination of thick wood and illuminated colors on canvas. The frames are an integral part of the work. The Giclees together with the frame is heavy and powerful. They give you the feeling of certainty, solidness and stability.  A thorough description is given on the GICLEE web page.

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